Fer Caggiano

Each piece of art is custom designed to my clients.

Dragon Room


One of my all time favorites, this dragon mural was designed to a very special girl: my step daughter.

Last year I came to the USA to spend the holidays with my boyfriend (now husband). It was an experimental period so we could decide if the international dating was worth it. I decided to offer this mural as a Christmas gift to Bella. She loved the idea and did a very good research to show me all sorts of dragons she liked. Her favorite was a dragon floating over a deep blue background.

It was not an easy decision for me to make a pre-teen room with such a dark background color but she was sure about it so I went for it. And I am glad I did. She helped me paint the base coat and after the room was all blue I started working on the dragon. It is a powerful dragon and we chose to have it above her bed, as a protector.

To complete the design I decided to fill the room with some cosmic clouds and stars. It is a fantasy room and I absolutely love it. I hope more clients are opened to such a cool and unique project as this.

You can see this project on my Houzz profile.

Enjoy some pictures of the work in progress



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