Fer Caggiano

Each piece of art is custom designed to my clients.

Happy Holidays



and a most colorful 2018!


So much has happened this year, and I am grateful you were part of it.

It’s been now a full year since I moved to the USA with my son Cauê, to join families with Jay and Bella.

Life in Brazil wasn’t easy, especially for a self employed single mom, but I have to say I was doing great! I had achieved an amazing network of happy clients who would recommend my work all the time. My main focus was on murals, mostly for kids rooms. My oils were left aside for a while because of the bad economy back home, so I developed some more affordable mixed media paintings on composite wood, which were very well received.

Love and family brought me over to Charleston, SC and so I gladly started all over again. I’m currently working to build a trusted network of clients and supporters. One thing I can promise you is that my clients are always 100% happy because I never settle for less!

Thank you for being there for me. My best wishes always!

with Love, Fer Caggiano

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