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Art Camp and Future Classes


This summer I was asked to hold a full week of Art Camp, 9-5. Madness, right? HAHA

I ended up doing two groups in two different weeks.

The first week had only four kids in class and you may think it would be easy with a small number of students. Well, not really. That took a lot out of me! At least I think they liked it. The highlight of the week was Friday the 13th. The kids wanted to give the pizza delivery guy a scare, but I gave him a heads up and HE gave them a scare. It was awesome!

On the second week I had seven kids (nine on one of the days)!!! And you may think it would have been harder. However, that was easier and a lot of fun. I believe they had a blast and I learned the more the merrier. The highlight of that week was Costume Day on Friday. My daughter kept showing up in her Geisha mask and wig, so the kids asked if they could dress up too.

Some kids were here so that the parents could work while others came because they really love art. Either way, I did my best to introduce them to several mediums. I would say it was more like an Art “Lab” than a Camp. They got to explore a lot of things and I had them free to decide what they liked best and wished to explore more.

I’m not sure I could handle doing long weeks of camp again, but I’ve been asked for ongoing classes. So now I will have some of them every Wednesday for two hours only though 😉

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